How to Use Done-for-You Newsletter Articles and Social Media Posts So You Can Stress Less—and GROW Your Practice

Because writing articles for your newsletter or blog should NOT feel like torture!

Does overwhelm creep in when it comes to building your business?

My guess is that you entered the holistic health field with the main goal of helping people. But without getting the marketing pieces in place, the “freedom” of being your own boss can feel anything BUT free; in fact, it can feel confining, confusing, and stressful!

But what if I told you there’s an easier way?

Studies show that the most SUCCESSFUL HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS build an email list and reach out regularly to the people on their list—most often in the form of a marketing newsletter.

Here’s why EVERY holistic practitioner should send a regular newsletter:

  • It positions you as an expert
  • It connects you to your audience
  • It’s a powerful form of advertising
  • It converts readers to paying clients

Here’s why most holistic practitioners don’t:

  • Writing is too hard or too STRESSFUL
  • They don’t have ideas — or they have too many ideas
  • There’s no time!

If you dread writing your newsletter or just don’t have time to do it consistently, and you want a SIMPLER PATH TO SUCCESS, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Sprouted Content: the done-for-you article library for busy holistic practitioners.

The sense of relief you’ll feel once a big part of your marketing effort is taken OFF YOUR PLATE. And better yet, the excitement and CONFIDENCE that comes along with your increased visibility and your bulging-to-capacity practice!

With membership to the Sprouted Content done-for-you article library, you get a one-stop shop for content creation—and promotion:

  • Need an article for your newsletter or blog? We’ve got you covered.
    With 75 articles spanning 10 wellness categories, there are enough articles in the library for you to update your content for a full year, with new articles added each month—all easily searchable
  • Need a photo? We’ve got you covered.
    Studies show people SKIP OVER content with no photos, so we provide high-quality engaging images to go along with each article
  • Need done-for-you social media posts to promote your article? It’s included.
    Each article includes Tweet and Facebook options you can copy and paste right into your status to help your articles go viral
  • Need ideas and research to help you write your own article? Look no further.
    Go to the library to grab topics and pieces of content to jumpstart your article writing process!

Sending out a consistent newsletter and frequently updating your blog really are the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to quickly spread your important message of wellness to the masses. But what’s more…

They say money is in the list, but that’s not quite right…it’s really in the relationship. Having a list that you don’t communicate with will wither and die on the vine—and not bring in a dime of new business. When you avoid sending out your newsletter because it’s too hard or there’s no time you fall off your ideal client’s radar and need to rebuild the relationship from scratch each time you do reach out.

The flip side of that? Communicating FREQUENTLY pays off. Case in point:

“I started sending weekly newsletters, and to-date, my list has grown 8.5 times in size! At least 50% of my income has come from putting out a consistent newsletter.”

Katie Den Ouden, MA, CHC
Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and

Using the Sprouted Content done-for-you article library MELTS ANY STRESS you feel when it comes to sending out your newsletter, and because it dramatically cuts down on how much time you spend on it, you are freed up to focus on the things you LOVE — the things that fulfill you on a deep level.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what holistic practitioners have to say about their experience using the Sprouted Content article library.

“THANK YOU THANK YOU for this great service you offer. It has taken a LOAD off my mind and plate and allows me to focus on what I love best…providing workshops and presenting material! Yah!”

Tracey Vlahos, Weight Loss Coach
Breakthrough Living


“I LOVE that I am now getting my newsletter out every week! I used to get so stumped on what to write about and so I would keep putting it off. Thank you for such a valuable resource!”

Tracey LeBeau, Plant-Based Diabetes Coach
In Pure Harmony

The Sprouted Content article library can be used for SO MUCH MORE than newsletters! You can also use these resources for your:

  • Blog
  • Brochures
  • Free ebooks
  • Script for video or podcast
  • Client handouts
  • Foundation for a corporate talk
  • and more, only limited by your imagination!

With photos that can be used to enhance your marketing materials in ANY WAY you see fit, membership to the Sprouted Content done-for-you article library is like also gaining access to your very own wellness stock photo agency.

“The thing that really sets Sprouted apart from other content providers are the pictures…the AWESOME pictures.

As someone keen on things looking good, having great photos at my fingertips makes for eye-catching newsletters and blog posts. After all, who doesn’t love some healthy eye candy? No more searching randomly on Google for hours or using played-out photos! Sprouted lets me spend more time on what I enjoy—coaching!”


Ashley Paquin, CHC, AADP
White Bird Wellness

My name is Wendy Simard, a certified holistic health coach with training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy Institute. I’m also a writer, editor, and designer, with 20 years’ publishing experience. I’ve held editorial roles at magazines, websites, and ad agencies; have edited bestselling books and written books that have sold in multiple languages.

I started Sprouted Content because I want you to thrive in your line of holistic work. I want you to build your clientele and feel less stress in the process. I want you to have valuable done-for-you tools at your disposal to engage your audience and build that trust.

But most of all, I want you to spread your message of wellness wide and far—and in the process, live the lucrative and fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed about.

Let’s do a quick comparison—last time I checked, done-for-you articles would set you back up to $40 a pop. Or you could pay up to $150 for a custom article and unfortunately you still might not get the result you want.

This is a unique experience. Through the article library forum you’ll be surrounded by a community of other holistic practitioners who are working hard to build their businesses. In addition, you’ll receive expert content marketing tips and have an opportunity to SUGGEST ARTICLE TOPICS for future addition to the library.

Once you say YES to making your life easier, you’re going to be SO happy you did!

1 payment of $497 

4 payments of $149 

I think you’ll agree that the Sprouted Content is an incredible bargain for the price….

But I understand that you’ve probably heard a lot of promises about quick fixes over the years, and you are right to be suspicious of anything that sounds this good.

Obviously if I can deliver on everything I am promising you in this letter, you’ll think it was the best deal you ever got…but if it doesn’t work for you, then even 5 dollars would have been too much.

I want you to know that I have as much invested in your success using Sprouted Content as you do… in fact… MORE. And I intent to PROVE IT to you.

Try the Sprouted Content done-for-you article library for 24 hours. If you are not blown away by how easily you can pull together your newsletter, then just shoot me a simple one-line email asking for your money back.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose—except by not taking me up on this incredible opportunity to finally stop stressing and start GROWING.


Wendy Simard, CHHC, AADP

P.S. If you continue to avoid sending out your newsletter, you’re going to get the same results. What I’m offering is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the article library so you can see for yourself how done-for-you content can help increase the size of your list, improve your relationship with that list, and bring you more clients!

P.S.S. Click here for an FAQ that answers all of you questions about how membership in the Sprouted Content done-for-you article library works!

“My latest Blog, made possible by Wendy Simard at Sprouted Content. Your package is amazing because your base made the process so easy. I could have used your [article] as is, because its that good, but I like to have ‘me’ in it too. You’re the best and I appreciate how well written your articles are. xoxoxo”

Randi Dukoff, CHC, AADP
Core and More Health and Fitness: Your Last Stop to Health